Personal IT Equipment

Diverse online materials, services and learning environments are used in university of applied sciences studies: the most important online services can be used with a web browser. TAMK has computers for students but a personal computer gives flexibility.

Many of the used software can also be installed on personal computers. Some software are freely available and others are available based on TAMK's agreements. For example, Microsoft Office can be downloaded free of charge on personal laptops. A personal computer is needed for word processing, spreadsheet, online communication, group work, information search in internet, and assignments. TAMK computers are primarily for learning field-specific professional software and for laboratory use.

TAMK has its own wireless network called TAMK-GUEST and the wireless network for the international research and education community called Eduroam.

It is possible to print from personal devices to TAMK's multifunction devices.

A basic laptop is enough. It should be light to carry and offer access to the internet and the possibility for writing long texts. The age, model or brand do not matter.

Consider the following matters if you decide to purchase a new laptop:

  • The battery has to be long-lasting, a minimum of half a day
  • It should have a comprehensive warranty
  • SSD hard disc and 8 GB of memory are recommended
  • The choice of the model should be based on your personal needs and preferences.

A tablet with a keyboard is also enough for many purposes.

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