Loan Devices

Devices loaned by helpdesk are reserved for short-term loans to students and staff. Students can loan the devices for a day and staff for a maximum of a week, e.g. for a business trip. The loan times have on purpose been defined short in order to be able to offer devices for as many as possible.

Loan devices

  • 5 Samsung 13,3" laptops
  • 5 Dell 13.3" laptops
  • 15 Dell 12.5" laptops
  • 14 Apple iPad tablets
  • 5 Galaxy Tab tablets
  • 22 Olympus dictating machines
  • 4 Sony CX190 video cameras
  • 3 conference microphones
  • 1 Huawei E5776S WiFi hotspot
  • 3 Logitech R400 presenters

Competence improving devices

Sound amplifiers

Loaning in practice

  • All devices are loaned to both students and staff
  • Loaning requires signing a loan agreement, signature at helpdesk in connection with the first device loan
  • Students can loan devices for a day
  • Devices cannot be booked in advance
  • ICT support checks the condition of the device and resets the settings (pads and dictating machines) when the device is returned

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