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An online course on information sources.
Blog service
TAMK's WordPress blog platform 
Budgeting and financial monitoring (FPM)
Case and document management (Tweb)
Tweb case and document management system is used for administering pending matters and filing official documents.  Read more »

  • Definings
    IE browser is required.
Construction project management
Used for management of TAMK's facility projects. 
Course feedback
Course feedback and the teacher's response to the feedback are entered to the course implementation. Students give course feedback in Pakki by answering the teacher's questions. 
CreTa accreditation service
Students can apply for credit transfer for their prior competence and higher education studies. 
Curricula (Peppi)
Curriculum planning (Peppi)
An application where all TAMK's curricula, study modules and courses are entered. 
Customer relations management (Oiva)
Oiva collects the university of applied sciences' all contact information to a joint and shared database to increase transparency and facilitate address processing compared to individual files in personal computers. Read more »
  • The service also offers a workspace for project and task management, a joint place for organisation and project materials, and a desktop for follow-up of contacts and personal tasks.
Education search
The search function can be used in searching for TAMK educations and course implementations. Read more »
  • The search supports use of keywords and limitations (type, language, field of study, degree programme, school, and time).
The e-form editor can be used for making surveys or collecting information. It enables easy form creation, editing and publication. 
Staff computers have Microsoft Outlook 2013 as the email software. Students use the webmail.  Read more »
  • Students use the webmail.

    Automatic forwarding of work email to a non-TAMK email address is not recommended for data security reasons.
Extension time application
When applying for extension time (normative+1 or normative+2), students have to fill in the extension time application. Read more »
  • After submitting the application form, they can follow its status. The service is a part of Pakki.
Facility booking (Ressu)
The service is used for booking TAMK facilities and cars. 
Home directory
TAMK students and staff have a personal home directory. 
ICT equipment loans
Helpdesk loans IT equipment (laptops, tablets, video cameras, and dictating machines). The equipment is for students' and staff's short-term loans.  Read more »
  • The equipment is for students' and staff's short-term loans.

    Equipment is loaned for TAMK students and staff.
Info monitors
The main campus info monitors are used for informing students and staff shortly of topical matters, such as large events and important deadlines.  Read more »
  • They can also be used to guide visitors. The info monitors support other communication.

    The service is available at the main campus.
Instant messaging and online meeting service
An instant messaging and online meeting service which allows easy organisation of online meetings which other participants can join through their personal computer or mobile device.  Read more »

  • Definings
    We recommend Adobe Connect for recording online meetings. TAMK staff and degree students have the right to use the service.
International exchange programme
The SoleMOVE service includes information on exchange destinations. 
Intranet is TAMK's internal website. Read more »
  • It is a databank and information channel and offers access to TAMK's information systems. It also includes diverse applications which promote sense of community, such as a discussion forum and flea market.
Learning management system (Winha)
The learning management system WinhaPro is used for maintaining student and study performance data, producing different study-related transcripts, certificates and reports, and transferring data to authorities. Read more »
Learning management system (WinhaWiivi)
Teachers' browser-based user interface to Winha 
Learning management system (WinhaWille)
WinhaWille is the student interface of Winhapro. Students enrol on courses through WinhaWille. 
Library's e-resource portal
E-resources can be found in the Nelli portal. Some of the resources, such as most library databases, are freely available and others require access rights. TAMK library has a licence to the resources. 
Meeting management (Tweb)
A meeting management add-on to the Tweb case and document management system which is used for administering and producing meeting documents of TAMK's official bodies.  Read more »

  • Definings
    IE browser is required.
Office ProPlus
TAMK students and staff have the right to use Office ProPlus software free of charge in five devices. Office ProPlus is an additional benefit offered by the manufacturer for educational institutions.  Read more »
  • Office ProPlus is an additional benefit offered by the manufacturer for educational institutions.

    Study-related theses or assignments are not considered commercial activity even if the commissioner was a company. Support for Office 365 ProPlus on home computers is available through the Microsoft site. Lync, Publisher and Access are not available for Mac computers.
OneDrive for Business
Online learning environment (Tabula)
Tabula is a Moodle-based online learning environment which is used as support for contact teaching and as an online teaching tool. Read more »
  • Teachers use Tabula in their courses in the extent they want and in accordance with their personal pedagogical view.
Online meeting service (Adobe Connect)
Adobe Connect is a workstation-based online meeting service which can be used for organising online meetings, lectures, infos, seminars and live situations. 
Online payment service
The online payment service allows payment of education fees. Read more »
  • Payment is only possible in Finnish online banks with a debit or credit card. At the moment, students can pay specialisation studies through the service.
Organisation chart
The organisation chart shows persons in the organisation-based order, the chart of superiors in the superior-based order. 
Password change service
The service allows change of an expired or forgotten password in an online service. 
Personal websites
Every home directory automatically includes a public_html file which can be used for publishing personal websites. The material to be published in the internet is saved in this file. 
Personnel administration (Helka)
Helka is a HR system and the master system of personal and employment data.  Read more »
  • Holidays and absences are applied and personal and education data changes are updated in Helka. Annual personal development discussions and competence mappings are also saved in Helka. They can only be seen by the superior and person in question. The Human Resources Services maintain the employment data in Helka.

    Helka can only be used in the staff network for data protection reasons.
Printing and copying
The multifunction devices work as printers, copying machines and scanners. Read more »
  • As a default, the devices print and copy black and white on both sides of the paper. Printing is subject to a charge for students.
Project folder
The network-accessed storage is for files which can be accessed by a limited student or staff group or a project.  Read more »

  • Definings
    Files have to be related to TAMK operations.
Project management (Proti)
Reportronic or Proti is a project management service used in R&D&I. 
Remote access (Citrix)
Many TAMK services can be used remotely through the service. 
Reporting system
TAMK's reports are collected to the view (sharepoint) 
Retake examinations (TenttiWilho)
Retake examination system (TenttiWilho)
TenttiWilho is a retake examination enrolment service for students. 
SAP accounting
TAMK uses the SAP system for accounting. 
Services for teachers (Peppi)
A desktop including the tools for teachers 
Staff photography
Photographs are taken of TAMK's full-time staff. Read more »
  • The photographs improve both students' and staff's possibilities to reach the right person and promote the personal nature of communication and service situations. The photographs are used in intranet, email, and Skype for Business. The photographs are taken at Information Management's service desk.
Student desktop (PAKKI)
PAKKI is a student desktop which allows students to follow their academic progress in real time, print a transcript of records, plan their studies, browse the course provision, and book appointments. 
Study guide
The study guide consists of the student guidelines and curriculum data from Peppi. 
Theseus publication archive
TAMK students' theses are saved in the publication archive. 
Timetable engine
The timetable engine is a student view on the bookings published in Ressu. Read more »
  • Ressu is the resource planning and booking tool of Peppi. In the timetable engine students can see their group's timetable and make their personal timetable.
Video conference
Video conference means remote negotiation between several parties through separate video conference equipment. Read more »
  • Participants gather around the video conference equipment and use it to contact their negotiation partner's video conference equipment.
Virus protection
TAMK students and staff have the possibility to purchase F-Secure SAFE for home use at an affordable price. Read more »
  • The purchase takes place at F-Secure online shop with a discount code. It is possible to purchase the product for one or three devices at the discount price.
TAMK websites are TAMK's most important external communication and marketing channel. The Communications Services are in charge of the website development together with the Information Management. 
Wiki is a website which allows easy contents editing. Due to the editability and communality wiki can be used for writing and sharing for example meeting minutes, guidelines and memos. 
Wireless networks (WLAN)
TAMK has a wireless network for the personal devices of staff, students and visitors. There is also network for TAMK-owned staff laptops. 
Working hour plans (Peppi)
Working hours are booked for course implementations through the service. 

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